Mattel Australia

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Mattel Australia
Type Distributor
Headquarters Melbourne
Ownership Subsidiary of Mattel Inc.

Mattel Australia is a division of the toy company Mattel Inc. which handles the company's operations in Australia. Mattel Australia previously handled publishing and distribution of Nintendo products from 1987 until the formation of Nintendo Australia in 1994. The company is no longer involved in computer and video game distribution in Australia.


Due to the 1983 video game crash in America, many companies were wary of carrying video games. Nintendo set up partnerships with a number of toy companies to leverage distribution across the world. Worlds of Wonder was Nintendo of America's partner, while Mattel Inc. handled distribution in territories where Nintendo had not yet set up operations, such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Italy. Mattel Inc. signed a deal with Nintendo Co. Ltd. in 1987 for distribution of the NES in these territories.

Nintendo Entertainment Systems distributed by Mattel can be distinguished from Nintendo distributed systems with a "Mattel Version" imprint below the Nintendo Entertainment System logo. All systems and software distributed by Mattel have the company's logo featured on the box.

Mattel also produced their own accessories for the Nintendo Entertainment System, including the notorious Power Glove accessory.


Nintendo took over distribution in Europe in 1990 when they established the Nintendo of Europe subsidiary, and in Australia in 1994 when they established Nintendo Australia.