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N64 Gamer
Editor Steve O'Leary
Narayan Pattison
Troy Gorman
Peter Hart
Stephen Farrelly
Publisher nextmedia
First issue March 1998
Final issue July 2001
Number of issues 41
Status Defunct

N64 Gamer was a monthly magazine published by Next Publishing from March 1998 until June 2001. For much of its run, N64 Gamer focused entirely on the Nintendo 64, but later added Game Boy Color coverage. It was succeeded by Nintendo Gamer when the Nintendo 64's lifecycle drew to a close.


GoldenEye Nude Code

N64 Gamer gained a considerable degree of infamy when it claimed to have a "nude code" for GoldenEye 007. The magazine's crew superimposed a censored nude picture of model Elle MacPherson onto a screenshot of the game, and encouraged readers to write to them in order to get the code. They allegedly received 2,000 requests. Former editor Narayan Pattison later admitted to being behind the joke in an IGN column.<ref>IGN Staff (2010-10-15) IGN's Favourite GoldenEye Memories Retrieved 2010-03-15</ref>

Perfect Dark Review

The magazine saw a considerable backlash from its readership for awarding Perfect Dark a score of 101%. The twelve page review was written by Troy Gorman, but each member of the crew weighed in with their opinion. The crew stood by the score, claiming that they felt the game was better than GoldenEye and they gave it a perfect score, so they had to go above perfect. The incident is frequently cited as an example of poor quality professional video game review coverage.


The following people were listed as contributors in the magazine during its run:

Stephen O'Leary, Narayan Pattison, Troy Gorman, Arthur Adam, Alec Trivuncevic, Nick O'Shea, Sharon Apple (alias?), Danny Nash, James Ellis, Jonathan Higginson, Michael Griesser, Meghan Girdler (also credited as Meghan Jane Girdler), Hugh Norton-Smith, Chris Stead, Stephen Farrelly, Elton Cane, Ewan Corness, Kevin Cheung, Mithra Pattison, Mithra Dennewald, Danny McGillick, Amos Wong, Tim Culbert, Daniel Douglas, Chris Johnson, Chris Casmenco, Tim Crittenden, Sam Stephenson, Brett Wilkinson, Alison Michalk, Robert Garcia (joke credit), Katherine Bell, Jack Curtis.

Cover Gallery



  • Steve O'Leary (1-14)
  • Narayan Pattison (15-29)
  • Troy Gorman (30-32)
  • Peter Hart (33)
  • Stephen Farrelly (34-41)


  • N64 Solutions (~12/1998-1/1999?) At least 7 issues.


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