Game Boy Color

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Game Boy Color
Type Handheld
Manufacturer Nintendo Co. Ltd.
Distributor Nintendo Australia
Released 1998
Launch RRP $129.95
Discontinued 2003
Generation Fifth generation
Userbase > 1 million
Predecessor Game Boy
Successor Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Color is a fourth generation handheld video game console designed and manufactured by Nintendo Co. Ltd. It was the successor to the original Game Boy.

Known Variants


  • Game Boy Printer rrp $99.95[1]
  • Game Boy userbase is 1 million by July 1998. Four colours - red, yellow, green and blue. Game Boy Pocket launched September 1996, 30% smaller and half the weight. Was $79.95 for a GBP in July 1998. Nintendo had expected to release GBC in 1998. Game Boy Printer was $119.95, needed 6 AA batteries and came with one roll of paper that allowed for up to 180 pictures.[2]
  • GBC announced in March 1998. Had 85% marketshare[3]
  • Userbase 900,000 in March 1998. [4]
  • $99 by August 2000. Green & Gold colour "Special Ozzie Edition" announced for Olympics despite Nintendo not being sponsor. Klim on the box.[5]
  • Held Pokemon World Championships in Sydney alongside Olympics. 20 September 2000. Held three week Pokemon carnival. [6].
  • World Pokemon Champ was Darryn Van Vuuren of the UK. Pokemon Stadium was used.Located in Sydney University, Pokemon Park is an interactive area where Pokemon fans of all ages and nationalities can compete in trading card tournaments and video game face-offs, enjoy food and much more including a Pokemon Team Rocket live show, a Pokemon disco and limited edition, first-in-the-world Pokemon products. [7]


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