Game Boy

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Game Boy
Type Handheld
Manufacturer Nintendo Co. Ltd.
Distributor Mattel (until 1994)
Nintendo Australia (1994-99)
Released 1990
Discontinued 1999
Generation Fourth generation
Userbase > 1 million
Predecessor Game & Watch
Successor Game Boy Color

The Game Boy is a third generation handheld video game system designed and manufactured by Nintendo Co. Ltd. It was distributed in Australia by Mattel from 1990 to 1994, and Nintendo Australia from 1994 until the system's discontinuation in 1999. It may have been the first system to sell more than 1 million units in Australia.

Game Boy Games Developed in Australia

Known Variants


  • First Game Boy software sold for $39.95. Launched circa September 1990. Launch titles included Golf, Baseball, Solar Striker and Tetris. Original RRP ~$200.[1]
  • Game Boy sells for $150 in 1991.[2]
  • 150,000 units sold by Nov 1992, expected to sell 100,000 that christmas.[3]
  • 1996 Game Boy Pocket Bundle w/ Super Mario Land (Super Mario Land Super Pack). Early model GBP as it does not have the battery life LED.


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