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Australian 360
Editor Ben Mansill (#1)
Luke Reilly (#2-11)
Mark Serrels (#12-19)
Circulation 15,932 (June 2008)
14,873 (Audited)<ref> Audited magazine sales January-June 2009</ref>
Publisher Derwent Howard
Year founded 2008
First issue June 2008
Number of issues 19+
Status Defunct

Australian 360 was a monthly magazine which covered the Xbox 360. It was published by Derwent Howard from April 24, 2008 (Issue #1, June 2008) until the company's closure in November 2009<ref></ref>. The magazine was a replacement for Official Xbox 360 Magazine Australia, which Derwent Howard had previously licensed from Future Publishing until Future decided to start an Australian division which would publish the magazine. The magazine was originally edited by Luke Reilly until he left to replace Vanessa Morgan as the editor of Official PlayStation Magazine - Australia. Mark Serrels served as the magazine's second editor until its closure (Issue #19, November 2009).











The following individuals contributed to Australian 360: Luke Reilly, Jason Lyon, Adam Mathew, James Cottee, Chris Stead, Christian Read, Jon Denton, Tom Hopkins, Dan Howdle, Paul Taylor, James Ellis, Dave Kozicki, David Hilton, Mark Libman, Squeegee Santillan, Eliot Fish, Tony Kustro, Clint McCredie, Shaun Davis, Neil Randall, Christopher Reynolds, Darran Jones, Mark Walbank, Alice Bonasio, Dylan Burns, Nathan Lawrence.


Won Sun Microsystems IT Journalism Award for Best Gaming Coverage in 2009.


  • Ben Mansill editor for issue 1 only
  • Circulation: 14,873 (2008) in Australia, 1,059 in New Zealand
  • Cover price rose from $AU8.95 to $AU12.95 for issue 16
  • Issue 16 redesign increase pagination from 100 to 116.
  • Did not have a December 2008 issue. #8 was Christmas 2008, #9 was Summer 2009.
  • "Australian 360 Essential" stamp introduced issue 11
  • Issue 12 features an "advertorial" on Stormrise.
  • Licensed name from Imagine Publishing, along with content until #16
  • Spinoff - Aussie Game Cheats (two confirmed volumes)
  • Cover disc on #16 only - no listing of contents
  • Issue 17, 18 and 19 published by Media Factory Pty Ltd.
  • Issue 16 and 17 appear to have been bi-monthly.



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