Atari Lynx

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Atari Lynx
Type Handheld
Manufacturer Atari Corporation
Distributor Home Entertainment Suppliers
Released 1992
Discontinued 1995
Generation Fourth generation
Userbase ?

The Atari Lynx was a third generation handheld video game system designed by Epyx and brought to market by Atari. Home Entertainment Suppliers handled distribution of the Lynx in Australia, and still has a number of factory sealed games available for sale on their website.


Atari has signed a $3 million partnership with Austereo, the chain of Australian radio stations which includes 2Day-FM in Sydney. The public will play Lynx games installed in the 30 roving Austereo promotion vehicles, called Black Thunder, around Australia. It is estimated that over one million Australians - predominantly seven-to 17-year-olds - will sample Lynx. "We had to find a way to communicate sound, colour, movement, touch - you can't do easily do that on television," said Serra. "So we are taking the product to the streets," he said. [1]


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