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Auction Watch – 23/08/2014

Bunch of different stuff this week – much more reasonably priced too.

NES Action Set

NES Action Set – A little cheaper than the above

SNES Starwing Console Bundle

NES Control Deck

Saturday Night Slammasters (Mega Drive) – Have a chuckle/cry at the $20 price tag left on it

Spider-man/Venom Maximum Carnage and Spawn: The Video Game (SNES) – Not in the best shape, but two low-run and popular (albeit pretty crappy) games that don’t come up often

Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64)

Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

Magical Tetris Challenge (Nintendo 64)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64)

Secret of Mana (Super Nintendo)

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Super Nintendo)

Ridge Racer Type 4 Press Kit (PlayStation)

We Love Katamari (PlayStation 2)

Impossible Mission (Commodore 64)


Video Game Ad of the Day: PlayStation Dual Analog Controller

PlayStation Analog Controller UK
Before the DualShock, there was the PlayStation Dual Analog Controller. Sony only let the Dual Analog rule the roost for about six months before introducing the force feedback enabled successor. The most notable differences between the Dual Analog and DualShock, other than the obvious lack of rumble, is that the former has longer handles, concave analogue sticks and a third mode to make it mimic the functionality of Sony’s Analog Joystick, indicated by a green LED in the middle of the controller.


Auction Watch – 16/08/2014


Busy week for Nintendo 64 stuff.

Mario Party (Nintendo 64)

Pokemon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64)

Killer Instinct Gold (Nintendo 64)

Snake's Revenge (NES)

Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)

Lylat Wars (Nintendo 64)

Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage (Nintendo 64)

ICO Collector's Edition (PlayStation 2) – New and sealed

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

Xenogears (PlayStation NTSC-U)

Snowboard Kids 2 (Nintendo 64)

Paper Mario (Nintendo 64)

Secret of Mana (Super Nintendo)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Super Nintendo)

Mario Party 2 (Nintendo 64)

Nintendo 64 Ice Blue Console

Nintendo 64 Jungle Green Console

Nintendo 64 Fire Orange Console

Special Pikachu Edition Game Boy Color

Hanimex TVG070C programmable TV-game console


Video Game Ad of the Day: Hagane: The Final Conflict

Hagane JP
Hagane: The Final Conflict is the poster child for so-called hidden gems that have exploded in price on the secondary market due to spikes in demand through increased exposure. The game is decent but not worth the $US275+ it seems to command.


Auction Watch – 09/08/2014

Pitiful showing this week.

Star Wing SNES Bundle – Sunfaded in several spots.

Super Mario All Stars SNES Bundle

Special Pikachu Edition Game Boy Color w/ Pokemon Silver and Crystal – Also includes a cart only copy of Red and a Gold/Silver playguide

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64)

NEC PC Engine

Mario Party 3 (Nintendo 64)

NiGHTS + 3D Controller Pack (Saturn)

Battletoads & Aussie Rules Footy (NES)

Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)


Video Game Ad of the Day: Streets of Rage II

Streets of Rage II
Streets of Rage II is pretty much the best game on the Mega Drive. Great graphics, one of the best soundtracks of all time and arguably the best gameplay in a 2D beat ’em up.


Auction Watch – 02/08/2014


Kind of a crappy week.

Paper Mario (N64) – More N64 auction idiocy.

Daze Before Christmas (Mega Drive)

Sega Saturn – Apparently new in box.

HES 4 Pak All Action (Master System)

WarCraft Battle Chest – This is the original release

Shining Force II (Mega Drive)

Special Pikachu Edition Game Boy Color

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole (Mega Drive)


Video Game Ad of the Day: Saturday Night Slammasters

Saturday Night Slammasters

Saturday Night Slammasters (or Muscle Bomber in Japan) is a fighting/wrestling game developed by Capcom in 1993. The game features characters designed by legendary Fist of the North Star artist Tetsuo Hara, as well as an appearance by Final Fight‘s Mike Haggar.


Auction Watch – 26/07/2014

Trying to keep it realistic this week.

3 x HES games for NES – Sidewinder, Duck Maze and Arctic Adventure – Soft plastic case versions. No manuals, though.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Limited Editions (PlayStation 2)

NES game bundle with Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse – Seller doesn’t specify which games have manuals, so ask first.

NES game bundle with Ufouria, Duck Maze, Arctic Adventure – Again, seller hasnt said which ones have manuals. HES games are the cardboard versions.

HES Maxi 15 Pack (NES)

Mario Paint (SNES) – Might just be my shitty eyes, but the rear of the box looks a little sunfaded

GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64)

Gunstar Heroes (Mega Drive)

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (Game Boy)

Shenmue (Dreamcast)

Grandia II (Dreamcast)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64)

SNES Super Mario All Stars Console Bundle

Sega Mega Drive 32X

Amiga CD-32


Video Game Ad of the Day: Bubsy 3D

Bubsy 3D UK
Widely held to be one of the worst games of the fifth generation era, Bubsy 3D is a shining example of just how wrong things could go during early 3D game development. The developer, Eidetic, did eventually learn how to make good games in 3D – they went on to develop the Syphon Filter series and became a first party Sony Computer Entertainment developer known as Bend Studio.